And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw And Aidan Shaw Are Back Together. The Internet Has Mixed Feelings

And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw And Aidan Shaw Are Back Together. The Internet Has Mixed Feelings

Sarah Jessica Parker with John Corbett. (courtesy: sarahjessicaparker)

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Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That was not the revival fans wanted, what with Big’s death and the beloved Samantha Jones being MIA. However, the second season has ignited hope in those who always rooted for Aidan Shaw. So, this happened, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City series and its reboot, shared a picture of herself kissing John Corbett, who starred as Aidan Shaw in the series. Carrie and Aidan were briefly engaged in the series. Carrie cheated on him with Big, who she later married in the series. In the Sex And The City 2 movie, Carrie and Aidan exchange a kiss in Abu Dhabi but Carrie promised it “meant nothing.” Carrie lost her husband Big in the first season of the series And Just Like That.

Coming back to Sarah Jessica Parker’s post, the Internet has mixed feelings. The actress captioned the post: ThisIs.Not.A.Drill.X, SJ.” Gwyneth Paltrow commented on the post: “No way.” HBO Max, on which the show airs, commented: “Not a drill but a dream come true.” An excited fan wrote: “Please don’t play with our emotions like this on a Thursday.” Another one added, “Girl it better be.” Another one read: “Stop it. It’s always been Aiden for me. I can’t handle this.” “This will be the end of me,” read another comment.

Another section of the Internet made is evident that the move was anything but welcome. “Noooo….Sorry bad idea… Carrie needs to move forward. Not backwards,” wrote an Instagram user. “No, not Aiden. I liked the ending of what’s to come with the hot producer guy in the last episode of the last season,” read another comment. Similar thoughts echoed: “I was never an Aiden fan for Carrie… as a mega fan… it’s always been Big…. For me… but I’m happy for Aiden fans… the two that are out there.”

Some other fans of the show, thought the decision to bring Carrie and Aidan is a midway. “I’m happy about this, they both know that BIG was and will always be the love of her life, but they both been through so much and at this moment it’s now or never,” read a comment. Another one read: “Carrie in her Bennifer era.” Inputs from another Instagram user: “I don’t know how to feel about this.” Here’s what another fan wrote: “As long as they don’t bring Berger back, I’m good.”

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And Just Like That, a revival of the hit show Sex And The City, aired on HBO Max in 2021 and it showcased the story of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York Goldenblatt as they navigated love and friendship in their 50s.

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